How long does my HTBD hair last?
1-2 years w/ proper care. Hair care instructions sent w/ order.
How do I care for my HTBD Hair?
1. Shampoo your hair at the 2–3-week mark of install with sulfate free moisturizing shampoo. (Always wash bundles before installing, HTBD units come ready to wear.) 2.Wash hair in one direction. 3.Apply conditioner, use wet brush to detangle, starting with your ends and working your way up. 4.Rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. 5.Allow hair to air dry or diffuse.
Can I color my HTBD Hair?
Yes, HTBD hair is 100% color safe.
Everyday Maintenance?
1. Use styling products modestly to avoid product buildup. 2. AVOID alcohol-based products to prevent hair from drying out. 3. Use heat protectant when styling. 4. Wrap your hair up every night.
How long does shipping take?
Your order can take 7-10 days from the time of order. All HTBD orders are shipped via UPS.
How much hair do I need?
For a full sew in 3 bundles are suggested. When ordering 20” or longer 4 is suggested. For closure & frontal installs, 3 bundles are suggested. For a ponytail 2 bundles are suggested. You can purchase single bundles if preferred.
Can I make changes to my order?
Yes, within in 24 hours of placing your order you can make changes. Email at your earliest convenience. There are no refunds or returns.
How do I book an appoinment?
Use this link to book your next look!