Summer Bodies Are Made in the Winter...But What About My Hair???

Oct 02 , 2022

Summer Bodies Are Made in the Winter...But What About My Hair???



I heard you, honey and I see you! You want to workout, get that body right, relieve that stress, BUT, YOUR HAIR!!! Well I have some solutions for you! Based off lifestyle and hair texture there will be different ways to approach this.

First, its important to consider how often you workout and what your workouts consist of. If you are doing a lot of cardio, your hair will sweat more than someone who does more strength training and weights! I know that with all workouts mentioned you can and will break a sweat but that treadmill & stair-master sweat "HIIT" different!

Next, you should consider your hair type and your ability to maintain and style your own hair! If you know you can't do your own hair its really important you have a method that protects your hair & preserves your style! For example:

  • Wearing a Wig/Frontal/Closure: Take it off if you have that option, if not be sure to tie your lace down comfortably tight. Leave pins in to maintain curls. If it styled straight, a loose but secure ponytail will work. You can purchase ponytail holders that don't leave a dent in the hair. You can also put your hair in one or two plaits. With wigs, the main goal is to keep lace secure and sweat free as possible. 
  • Wearing a Wrap, Doobie, Blowout: You can wrap your hair and secure with pins, then use a hair net scarf to wrap the wrap, LOL! OR you can put your hair in a high bun with a ponytail holder that doesn't leave a "dent" in the hair. You can pin curl your entire head and then use a hair net scarf to secure it. The hair net scarf allows air to get to your head which will help reduce sweating. Be careful when wearing silk and satin bonnets & scarfs. They can trap heat and make your hair sweat more!
  • Wearing your natural hair/afro/curls: There are so many ways to approach  your natural hair when working out! You know your curls better than me, so do what works! One option is to pineapple your hair, if you have curly bangs I strongly suggest pulling them back. This will make your forehead and hairline sweat more. You also want to mindful of your skin. Skin, sweat, & sweaty hair = the perfect recipe for a pimple, and we promote clean, healthy skin around here honey! Afros are amazing because they live their own life but we still have to protect our hairline! They're are different products created just for women of color and protecting our hair when working out.
  • When wearing a sewin' with leave out: Make sure leave out and pulled back and secured. Depending on your hair texture and type you can use a headband scarf that protects and helps reduce sweating. There is no need to tie your whole head up with a scarf. You still want air to get to your head/hair. If you have curls you can pin them, low secure bun. One or two plaits. The main goal is too keep hairline secure and dry as possible!

Now that you know what you need to do based off your hair style, and ability consider how many days a week you will workout. One thing you can do is to spread your workout days apart. So instead of everyday, try every other day! Or 3 days on 4 days off etc! I workout 4-5 days a week, these solutions work! I also have clients that workout, it works👏🏾💁🏾‍♀️💅🏾💆🏾‍♀️

Finally, I am going to give a set of universal solutions that will work for everyone depending on current hairstyle!

  • Wear bundles that are close to your natural hair texture.
  • Pull bangs back.
  • Get sewin's with minimum leave out.
  • Use fan on cardio machine.
  • Don’t use scarfs that will trap heat around the hairline.
  • Try to keep face & hairline dry when working out. Use a face towel.
  • Sweating can cause dryness, be sure to keep hair moisturized.
  • Get all weaves and wigs maintenance on the regular.
  • Natural honey's, invest in a GOOD co-wash.

*They're are anti bacterial towels, cooling towels, all type of face towels you can invest in. Same thing for head scarfs to protect edges.*

You now have all the tips you need to maintain your hair while getting that body right I hope you stay encouraged to reach your goals! This is the season of staying motivated and not letting up! We have 3 months left in this year, lets finish it out strong! NO EXCUSES!

Any thoughts? Any tips you want to share that work for you?! Let me know, talk to me! I talk back :)

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