Not Your Average Vendors List  !

Jan 31 , 2023

Not Your Average Vendors List !

The "Cheat Code" eBook

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The "Cheat Code" eBook is a guide for the Hairstylistpreneuer looking to start and establish a hair business and/or career as an Independent Hairstylist!

Written & Curated specifically for those who want to start a hair business or need understanding on how to do so.

For those who need to know how to price & profit their hair services and hair inventory! With the premium hair vendors list, I can guarantee you will secure a reputable high quality hair, wig, lace, or lash vendor!

The "Cheat Code" eBook provides the best examples and ways on how to price your services and inventory. Detailed examples for everything!

So what's in The "Cheat Code" eBook??

  • Part 1 is your Biz Checklist: The Biz Checklist is a list of EVERYTHING you need to do in order to start and/or establish your business! Having your paperwork in order is the first step to being a successful Hairstylistprenueur! When your paperwork is in order possibilities for your business are endless!
  • Part 2 is the Consultation Cheat Sheet: The Consultation Cheat Sheet guides you through the consultation process with your client. It will allow you to become clear on the clients hair-story and hair goals. Consultation Sheet can be applied to almost all hair styles AND Hair Color Services as a bonus!
  • Part 3 is the Price & Profit Method: In Part 3 I breakdown how you can price your hair services and be able to make a profit. I explain the difference in Revenue, Expenses, & Profit. Examples so you can FULLY UNDERSTAND. I also explain the importance of knowing your monthly business and living expenses so you know how much INCOME you need to make each month to LIVE the LIVE YOU DESIRE!
  • Part 4 is the Premium Hair Vendors List: Part 4 is not your average vendors list! Premium hair vendors only, guaranteeing you will be able to secure a hair, wig, lace, and lash vendor. I also include packaging vendors as well. In part 4 I explain HOW to properly price your bundles and give suggestions on HOW to SELL HAIR! How to test hair + MORE!

These are just the basics of whats included! If you want to sell hair or do hair or sell and do hair, The "Cheat Code" eBook is in fact for YOU! Satisfaction Guaranteed!

The "Cheat Code" eBook is currently on sale @ 67% Off ! You can get your instant download TODAY for just $166 ! You can pay in full or pay in 4 !!!

Super Detailed & Informative! Examples for everything!! Get started, be efficient.

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