Do You Want to Learn How to Do A Sewin' In Your Sleep???

Sep 01 , 2022

Do You Want to Learn How to Do A Sewin' In Your Sleep???

Happy September Honey's!

It is a new month and that means most of us set some new goals! Rather its financial, spiritual, mental, or personal, WE ALL GOT GOALS!

If one of your goals is improving or learning a new skill than my Sewin' In Your Sleep FREE Course just might be for you! Or a friend. In this course we will cover all it takes to doing the perfect sewin' with leave out. Launching September 20, 2022.

Traditional installs are never going out of style and with Fall around the corner all the girls are ready for their middle or side part looks with leave out!

Who Is This Course For:

Hairstylist whose main focus is wigs, locs, or braids. Improving your sewin’ skills will allow you retain clients when they decide to switch it up and/or gain new clients. This course is also for beauty school students who desire to learn this skill. This service isn't taught in beauty school. If you have competent knowledge and can braid this course will benefit you too!

I have done dozens of installs and provided my clients with long lasting installs. That are painless, natural looking, and flat. Installs that are versatile and can be easily managed at home.These are the 5 steps I take to achieve the perfect sewin'. These are also course topics we will cover!

Step 1: Customer Service 101
Step 2: Hair Care Over Everything
Step 3: The Foundation
Step 4: The Sewin’
Step 5: The Finished Look
If you are ready to connect, improve, enhance your skills, and overall client interaction, then this course is for you! You can register HERE ! AND feel free to share link with 3 beauty pros! See you September 20, 2022 !

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